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    4DIMENSIONS expertise consists of civilian architectural design, historical monuments restoration, 3D graphics and animations, advertising.

  For the next period of time, our objectives are not just bold but also realistic. We wish to affirm our young and professional spirit at an international quality level, we want to assert ourselves as a reliable partner and as a professional solution, perfect for the problems of our clients, both locally and internationally.


Arh. Margareta Mihailescu

   Architect with 25 years experience, specialist in Restoration and Research of Historic Monuments, authorized by the  Romanian Ministry of Culture  since 2008; member of the Romanian Order of Architects  (TNA No. 4057) and Union of Historical Buildings Restorers (No. 409).

      Besides civil architecture and design, stand out the participation at the restoration of several historic sites,  as both coordinator or collaborator. Of these we like to mention the following historical monuments of national and international interest: Monastery Aninoasa (Arges) Monastery Rancaciov (Arges), Constanta Mosaic Edifice, St. Nicholas Church (Greek Church) Sulina, Belin Orthodox Church (Covasna),  Brancoveanu Palace in Potlogi (Dambovita) .

   4DIMENSIONS team coordinator, gives  the professional character of our work, as well as the exigency  and the expertise experience in architecture.


   4DIMENSIONS is a company founded in 2005 by an enthusiastic group of professionals, in order to bring a different perspective on architectural act.

   We have a young team, coordinated by an architect with an extensive experience, that combines decision and determination for results with the experience and expertise of team work.

  On the basis of our business lies a philosophy based on respect for the customer and his needs, loyalty, consistency, total openness to innovations and new concepts, seamless integration of various areas of expertise.