"Little Mermaid" kindergarten

         The space of the private unit for  preschool education is a  component of handicraft Commercial Complex located on str.Oituz No.5-7. unitary constructed and completed  with an additional wing / extension in the years 1973-1974. The objective is located in downtown Mangalia, near the other two units of school - the  School No. 5 and the Economic High School.

     Kindergarten capacity is about 30-45 seats (three age groups) for children on a range of service aprox.500 m
   Arranged in accordance with the law, the kindergarten has four categories of accommodations:

- rooms for each group of children - three group rooms - which are appropriately sized, space requirements providing approximately 3.00 m / child, child bathroom - two rooms, equipped with furniture, appropriately sized, specifically for preschool age

- common room temporarily used by children, three rooms, hall, cloakroom, multi-purpose hall

- rooms for kitchen with specific annexes - 5 rooms, with facilities and equipment related

      Distribution, shape and interior finishes were applied to space being conducted with strict adherence to rules and norms in force. Project planning refers to rehabilitation of existing space for its intended use as "nursery overtime", according to current requirements for the design, implementation and maintenance of buildings for homes and kindergartens.

Since October 2006 the institution works to ensure optimum parameters and training conditions and social educarţionale a number of about 30 children, with the enlargement perspective of these services.