- Projects for simple residences

  - Projects for complex residences

  - Projects for office buildings and

     office spaces

  - Projects for public interest spaces

  - Projects for interior and exterior

     designs for public and private


  - Projects for refurbishing and

     modernization for public and  

     private spaces

  - Specialized documentations

   (feasibility studies, cost estimates,

     positioning studies, etc.)

  - Technical assistance

  - On building site technical support

  - 3D modeling and animations

  - Architecture consulting

  - Architectural concept studies

birou de arhitectura

    4DIMENSIONS provides a new perspective of architecture, developing both the technical aspect of projects  and the social and psychological ones, our demands in terms of quality being as important as the client’s pretensions. Besides functionality, we are also trying, along side  with beneficiaries, to integrate into our  projects, innovative solutions that emphasize their comfort and satisfy even the most specific demands. Client-designer communication is very important to us, it is essential in the architectural design process.