The property, located on Peace Street No.1 - Orthodox Church dedicated to St. Nicholas, former Greek church, its premises and annexes - occupies a significant place for community development and multicultural urban fabric of the town of Sulina. The urban protected site is notified in the monuments list of Tulcea County.

The building was constructed in the years 1866-1869, following the “firman” (Ottoman decree) of Sultan Abdul Aziz and by the Greek community's contribution, highly developed by trade, arming ships and other activities at the port of Sulina. Church plan, rectangular, with two ships side and a semicircular apse with the altar is marked by two rows of columns with capitals that support the vaults supported by arches in the heart. Interior decoration, neoclassical-baroque-style, is rich, oil painted murals with the wide color light marble flooring with mechanical drawing, carved wooden furniture. The interior is dominated by white veil decorated with panels painted polychrome sculptures, icons and gold and applied relief. On the exterior decorative elements consisting of pillars with capitals, simple goal frames and cornice shaped linear linear profiles applied gables, wrought iron railings, etc.. Main access is marked by a high brick gable geometry-holes in the braces and decorative niches.

    At the request of St. Nicholas Parish in February Sulina, the design work for the restoration of the monument have developed PT-A phases, applying the current requirements to protect historical monuments. Building works were provided to eliminate degradation occurred in the previous period ,waterproofing of masonry, removing water from the land,fixing the rainwater drainage system, and external and internal architectural works constructed by disposing of parasitic elements to restoring the monument to the original volumetrics. Proposed exterior designs reorganized the annexes by replacing the improper old ones with new constructions necessary to conduct the church activities, mortuary  chapel , bathroom. To remove the water threat, it has been reviewed the rainwater catchment and the distribution system in conjunction with ground level and  terrain slope.