Restoration / Rehabilitation


  - Projects for restoration of historical

    monuments and old  buildings

  - Historical and architectural studies

  - Urban architectural impact studies

  - Consulting and verification specialists


  - Rehabilitation and refurbishing of

     existing   facilities

  - Speciality documentations (feasibility

     studies, cost estimates, urban

     positioning  studies, etc.)

  - Technical assistance

  - On building site technical support

  - 3D modeling and animations

  - Consulting

4DIMENSIONS provides the possibility of bringing the past now for the old buildings with historical significance, projects that meet both the nature and the value  of the original construction, and the willingness to adapt to the historical context to the present moment and  to the future. Neglected in the last period , the heritage of the past can be restored to life, can be integrated into the current modern circuit. To our clients we provide both our professional skills and expertise, and our desire to achieve valued projects offering due respect to these constructions.

architecture design
restoration architect