Along with the traditional materials for architectural projects, we provide related services of 3D graphics and 3D animations. They can be purchased together or independently with the project, in which case they can be made not only for architecture, but also for any other domain.

    Besides 3D graphics and animations offer, upon request, we provide Interactive Perspectives, giving the customer the possibility to actively participate and to have control of the virtual space exploration for its desired technical solution.

    The mode of operation is intuitive and simple, allowing vertical movements, horizontal movements, near and away zooming ( drag the mouse over the image for movement and use +, - controls for zooming).

    All this makes Interactive Perspectives  a modern solution for both professional and amateur, suited both as working tool as well as presentation material.

    Due to the size of the files,  the loading of the movies can take 10 to 15 seconds, depending on your internet connection speed.

Interactive Perspectives