Paradiso Hotel is a component of Mangalia Spa Complex built in the 60s and it is located in the Northern city limit, near the Black Sea shore  and the protected site of the ancient ruins of the city  of Callatis.

       The high building is a landmark in Romanian seaside landscape, a symbol customized by the new color range of the outer treatments applied in the rehabilitation process , which took place between 2005 to 2006

  To the basic functions - accommodation, catering, related services, there are added the  direct relation to the treatment  and expand leisure activities by planning of the  outdoor above ground pool.

     The lamellar construction, with with a ground-floor + mezzanine + 12 floors for accommodation, has a compact prismatic volume, facing east-west, and housing units distributed so as to ensure the optimal exposure to the natural-dominated element : the Black Sea.

    The interior of the hotel was architectonically treated with finishes and facilities corresponding  for the period of the spa complex construction . The progressing physical wear of the construction and hotel facilities, over the last 40 years of operation, required rehabilitation and development interventions undertaken in 2005 - 2006. On this occasion, the operational parameters were raised so as to meet the requirements of a higher ranking hotel category. The investor turned to our services to complete the project, for which 4DIMENSIONS developed the technical documentation and provided technical assistance services.

    The Refunctionalization and planning project consists in the rehabilitation of existing premises in view of their being used as accommodation facilities with a high level of comfort and related services, in accordance with the current requirements of design, implementation and maintenance of buildings for the three-star class hotels

For the exterior, on the basis of technical documentation developed by us, we  obtain the formal approval of the  relevant institutions.  Also, a pool was partly built above the ground, inside the hotel premises. The proposed spatial organization and finishes were intended to provide exquisite comfort, as well as an ambience adequate to the requirements of the tourists, be they adults or children